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WIP Lesney Euclid Plow Truck

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This is to force myself to start finishing some of my projects. If I admit they exist, with photos as proof, then I have to finish them. Right?
You may recall that I was searching for the dual rear axle Street Cleaver Last year, this is why.
You may also recall that I’ve been looking for some dually rear axles w/RRs.
This was why.
My first attempt to separate the blade from the machine went well, sort of. I was hoping to keep as much of the yellow paint intact as possible, but, nope. Shop Teacher came though with another Street Cleaver and the project has been moved up in line. I’ll keep as much of it yellow as I can. (Thanks ST!)
The rubber tire dually rear axles are my sticking point now. I’m adamant about keeping it dual wheels at the end of each rear axle, and a matching set of singles for the front.
And a note to Noodles: If you see these Street Cleavers in the bargain buckets, pick them up for the nice differentials in the base. Ready made for your 6 wheelers!

Illustration for article titled WIP Lesney Euclid Plow Truck

Let’s see, what’s next...

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