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Questions, Ovens & Real Riders

Not at the same time, of course.
To those who use or have used ovens/toaster ovens/ campfires/bic lighters, etc., to harden or set the paint job on a diecast, do you bake the primer coat too? If the primer coat isn’t baked, will it affect the top coat adversely? And for top coats, do you bake each one if you give it more than one coat?
And regarding Real Riders; what is the tallest real rider made, and on which casting(s) would I find it/them.
I had another paint issue, almost identical to the problem I had when painting the Outlaw, but this time, I waited 3 days to give it a second coat of rustoleum. It wrinkled up just like the krylon did. The car was clean, I used canned air to blow it off just before painting, and it only happened in a couple of spots, not the whole car.
I’m beginning to wonder if my house is haunted by a disgruntled auto body man’s ghost, and what I can do to re-gruntle him.
So, I got a second hand toaster oven and I thought I’d give the baking route a try. I’ll search youtube in case there are any informational clips that might give me a clue, but I’d really like to discuss it with someone who has done it themselves. I’m really into this hobby now and I want to start getting the painting right the first time around.
Thank you.


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