Watch out for this Bank of America rewards credit card offer in the mail, it comes with a hidden bait & switch scam.
Spoiler Alert: I’m pissed, so you’ll see a lot of pissed-off-ed-ness in this post...

Doesn’t say $150 anywhere on the envelope, but, look! $200 CASH offer!

I received this offer just around the time I was getting sick of my current 1% back on everything wells fargo card:


-The same 1% on everything, plus,
-2% CASH back at grocery sores and wholesale clubs
-3% CASH back on gas (One of my cars is a 2016 RAM pickup, so...)
-2% and 3% on up to $2500 in combined purchases per quarter, and,
$200 CASH Rewards Bonus Offer ( a one-time $200 Cash Rewards Bonus after making at least $500 in purchases within 90 days.

Notation, Dion. The first BoA person to tell me they’d be “discussing” it.

A hard to turn down offer this close to the holidays, no?

So, I got the card, a no brainer for me, and probably thousands of others in the holiday season. The card came with this little printed piece:

I doubt any such piece was ever printed with the $200 amount...

$150! $150?

Where’s my fucking two hundred dollars? As Promised?

Somehow, FIFTY DOLLARS got lost in the transaction somewhere! (In this context, “lost” means kept by BoA...multiplied by however many thousand other people believed what they had read and applied.)


I called BoA in October and got bullshit, plain and simple. Bullshit, denial, stonewalling, non answered questions, and yet more bullshit. But, NO CASH Rewards. I was told they needed to “discuss” it.

So, they’re “discussing” it.

I received two letters asking me to call to “discuss my concerns.” They said they’d discuss it and get back to me. Both times. Never heard back from either “discussion.”


They claimed I didn’t get a $200 offer, but declined my offer to send them copies of everything that CLEARLY said $200 CASH.

They’re “discussing” it.

I sincerely doubt that ANY insert saying How To Get Your $200! was EVER printed.


They’re “discussing” it.

Up until this very moment I have received five such offers in the mail. They ALL say $200 CASH back offer. I’ve seen a $200 CASH credit card offer in the yahoo news feed, followed the link and it was BoA with the same bullshit.


By now, it’s been two billing cycles in which I’ve spent, and paid, over $2500 on my new credit card. I saw NO CASH.

They’re “discussing” it.

I’ve not seen anything credited to my account, I haven’t received ANY CASH BACK, so apparently, the whole offer is a SCAM if you don’t receive any part of what BoA “promises.”


They’re “discussing” it.

Yes, BoA, I’m outright calling it a SCAM.
Come at me over this, & see what happens.
I’ve saved every piece of mail and every screenshot.
You were supposed to get back to me over a month ago.



I’ll pay off my balance and cut up the card. I’ve reported BoA to the Attorney General’s office in my state, and I’ve been collecting new “offers” almost every week from BoA, along with screenshots of their bait & switch offer.


Unfortunately, even if they “clean this up,”
it’s just another day at BoA.
They’ll come up with another scam offer. By now they’ve maybe printed up the inserts that say $200, but I haven’t seen one. They’ve probably found a scapegoat who can be fired over their corporate bullshit and money grubbing.
Any actual EXPLANATION seems to be still in discussion.

Trust me...and Caveat Emptor!

They’re “discussing” it,

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